1881 Census Geographical distribution maps

These maps were generated by "Surname Atlas" from this web site
The colouring scale and the numbers shown signify the actual number of persons in the indicated poor-law areas at that time.:

View the maps in Adobe Acrobat format. You can donwload a reader from here if you havent it already installed.

Shail Total View Zoom 1 Zoom 2 Zoom 3
Shaile Total View
Shailes Total View
Shails Total View
Shale Total View Zoom 1 Zoom 2 Zoom 3
Shales Total View Zoom 1 Zoom 2 Zoom 3 Zoom 4 Zoom 5
Shayle Total View Zoom 1
Shayles Total View
For these maps poor-law areas were chosen because they are smaller than counties and therefore pin-point the concentrations more closely.

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